Chuuwee - Thrill (Mixtape)

Chuuwee mit seinem neuen Mixtape Thrill. Ich mag den Kerl.

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  1. Basqiuat & Rocko [Prod. By Esta] 
  2. K.i.L.L People [Prod. By Hippie Sabotage]
  3. O.P.P (Other People's Problems] [Prod. By Scrilla] 
  4. Kamikaze [Prod. By Ron Shaw] 
  5. ChiLL PiLL [Prod. By Rayintosh] 
  6. Super Nes & PS3 [Prod. By C.Justice] 
  7. Holdin' [Prod. By SMKA] Fanta Size [Prod. By Nabeyin] 
  8. Important (Feat. LBSOD) [Prod. By Nabeyin] 
  9. RadicaL [Prod. By Rayintosh] 
  10. DayDreem [Prod. By Blair Norf] 
  11. Young & Free [Prod. By SMKA] 
  12. Fire & Ice [Prod. By Rayintosh] 
  13. ThriLLa [Prod. By C.Justice] 
  14. F-U [Prod. By SMKA] 
  15. Skid Row [Prod. By SMKA]
Download Chuuwee - Thrill

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