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Dixon Hill - Free (Or Best Offer)
Cookin Soul - RAW TAPES VOL. 1
Biggie Smalls Breath - The $4​.​20 Tape Vol 2 by A Burnt Up Records Compilation
pacoinaction - Loaded (beat tape)
pacoinaction - RAW (beat tape)
Politiks - Symphony Vol. 4 (beattape)
The Winston Wolf / Jimmie Dimmick Tape by DJ Wigs x Sound (J. Gargia)
pacoinaction - Beats wie mieses Wetter II (beat tape)
pacoinaction - NEMESIS (beat tape)
pacoinaction - Archvillian
BoomBaptist -  Komfort Food
pacoinaction - New Age Dawning
pacoinaction - Fear Itself
8greg2 - Hornhub Premium (beat tape)
 Burnt Bakarak - Brother Birk Spanklin : Biblical Distortion Vol 1 (beat tape)
CHAMO BEATS - Dirty Pieces (beat tape)
pacoinaction - Beats wie mieses Wetter (beat tape)
pacoinaction - +++PANDEMIC+++ (beattape)
paco in action - pandemic8 (beat)
9th Wonder Presents: Bladey Mae (Beat tape)